Those barbers that shave with MdC

Barber-pole-01The emblem of a barber or a hair dresser is a commercial symbol that signals to the public the presence of a hairdressing salon for men. This is particulary presented in the United States and in other english speaking countries.

In the beginning, during the medieval age in Europe, the barbers used their instruments for hair cutting and grooming the beard. They were also lead to use those instruments to practise bleeding « cures », small surgical operations or to pull out a tooth.

The post (usually painted in blue) in front of the salon symbolized the stick which the patient had to grip on tightly in order to make the veines more visible. The bandages which served to soak up the blood could have been exposed and attached around it to catch people's attention. Nowadays, the three coloured emblem picks up the three colours : blue for the salon, white for the bandages and red for the blood.

"Nous sommes heureux de travailler avec ces barbiers qui nous font confiance et c'est avec plaisir que nous leur témoignons le même crédit en retour."


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